Nitric oxide and how to produce higher levels to defend or relief from CoVID 19

In 1998 Robert F Furchgott, Louis J Ingnarro and Ferid Murad made a discovery that our cells produce and release nitric oxide-----This discovery won the Noble Prize in Medicine.  Research has shown that listening to tuning forks in single frequency tones and intervals, as well as music (especially when fused with movement can spike nitric oxide levels which offers defense of virus and bacteria.  Nitric Oxide is currently being used in a gas form to aid healthcare workers on the front line and patients fighting the coronavirus.  With few alternatives for treatment I am offering distance tuning fork sound therapy sessions for both individuals and groups.  If you have been infected with the coronavirus or want to boost your immunity contact me through my site email contact page.  I am offering what could be the best safe medicine available--- SOUND MEDICINE! 

***Also customized playlists available and good headphones are key.