About Body System Tuning Sessions

Body System Tuning sessions typically span an hour to hour a half.  3 Sessions are recommended and they can be spaced out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on the individual.  It is always recommended to prepare for a session by being well rested and hydrated.  The human body inherently knows how to process and recalibrate through sound input and will continue to auto-tune or detox from a single session for several days or more.

Body System Tuning can be performed in person or from a distance.  Under current social distancing of course I recommend distance sessions.  Distance sessions work through the principals of quantum physics and can be equally or more powerful then live sessions because of the intention that is involved.   


Body System Tuning Session     $75.00

Sonic Meridian Flush          $85.00

Adrenal Reset & Decoupling           $75.00

Relationship Sessions   $75.00

Distance Sessions  - Social Distancing Special $40.00

Please read distance session testimonial