Hi Welcome to my website featuring sound and shamanic healing.  My name is John McElderry and my background is in Natural Science (B.S. Penn State University) and Music (Berklee College of Music).  I am also a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner.  My practice is called Body System Tuning located in Montchanin, Delaware.  Body System Tuning uses a combination of tuning fork sound therapy and Native shamanic healing.   The combination of sound and symbols creates a powerful session that breaks through many physical injuries and emotional scars.

Why is sound so effective?

The use of sound for healing can be traced through time and cultures.  There are many ways to heal with music, song and pure frequency.  By using hand held weighted and unweighted tuning forks there is an exchange of information and vibration from the client to the sound therapist which in my case is me.  My extensive and intensive study of music composition and ear training come into play when listening to the distortions that the human body can produce.  For example, depression, addiction, fear, lost love ect all have their own unique sounds.  This allows me to identify and encourage a fragment of soul to return the body.   There is also a responsibility to using sound as a healing tool.  Understanding and respecting the power of sound is essential to achieving desirable healing for clients.  This is where my study of Native American Medicine Men and Peruvian Shamanism allows for a softer but equally powerful energetic healing.  Native cultures effectively harnessed the power of energy medicine through sound and symbolism to facilitate healing and transform the fragmented soul and injured body back into wholeness.  My Native American roots from the Passamaquoddy Tribe of northern Maine allow me to walk with the my ancestors of traditional healing practices.  My own use of sound for recovery from a traumatic head injury five years ago makes me a firm believer in the power and results of sound medicine.  If you feel like you tried everything from physical therapy to medication with dismal results I encourage you to set up a session with me.  It only takes a maximum of 3-4 sessions to see healing results.  Some say that music is the universal language and I dare to take it a step further to say frequency is the universal language that is understood by our core being and DNA.

What is our Luminous Biofield?

As humans we hold information of traumas and life's difficulties in our bodies as cellular memories.  As this information travels through the nervous system (electrical system) and meridians (electrical conductors) it is projected into our Luminous Biofield.  These conscience and sub conscience memories are often difficult to let go of but the use of sound makes it accessible and attainable.

The tuning forks are used to detect and react to the distortions that are being broadcasted to the Luminous Biofield.  This is where the power of sound dialogues returns harmony and moves the projection to make space for CHANGE.  Through this process we realign the Luminous Biofield to attract what is health, wellness  and to live with an open heart.